radical unschooling mom, occasional artist, event organizer, and camp director, i'm a dreamer and sometimes i still dance...oh and i love the wave pictures! the end
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I think Seneca is right: life feels longer the more you engage with it. (Look how short life felt to the poet Larkin. Look how little he did with it.) I should be loving sculpture! But I have not gone deeply into sculpture. Instead, having been utterly insensitive to sculpture, I fill the time that might have been usefully devoted to sculpture with things like drinking and staring into space. By Some Notes on Attunement- Zadie Smith - The New Yorker
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Listen to: EchoeseChoesecHoesechOesechoEsechoeS by Ace Bushy Striptease

listening to abs for my morning walk and mostly thinking about camp…music fades into the background of my mind and my brain is churning out a mental list of things to do today and i was thinking, i can send out this or that reminder now that camp is 2 weeks out…and right then they sing “2 weeks in and i still haven’t figured you out” and i thought that was really cool.