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whole wide world - summer camp (wreckless eric cover)

i love this cover! i didn’t even know i had it until YESTERDAY! i found their daytrotter session from last year and downloaded last weekend to listen to later and never did.  i’m always late to parties.

the weird thing is that we had watched “stranger than fiction” the day before yesterday and the scene where will ferrell plays this song is my very favorite. so suddenly finding this version made me happy.  

i guess it was last spring sometime when i first found summer camp on tumblr.  i bet you can guess how i found them.  i was searching the “summer camp” tag…because…ya know…i run a summer camp…and i love reading camp stuff and camp pictures and cool blogs that are all about camp.  and then there was this awesome little band and i listened and i loved them and got very excited about them and got their “young” ep and then “welcome to condale” came out and i got that.  i love following their tumblr too because they post so many great pictures and they are quite funny.

i thought it was fitting that i post one of their songs today as i am up early to get ready to leave for camp this afternoon.  the staff show up today and we get to play together.  the campers come tomorrow and i can’t wait to see them!!  there is nothing like standing up in front of a room full of unschooled teenagers and welcoming them to your camp and being silly and then getting to know them and hanging out all week and just dfjaofuioaojil…it’s the best.

  • Track: Whole Wide World
  • Artist: Summer Camp
  • Album: Big Orange Studios 10/19/2011